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Data recovery process

There are several steps in data recovery process.

  • After the device is received, we need to determine what kind of malfunction we are dealing with, what are the possible ways of data reading and do we have necessary parts and electronic components that need to be replaced.
  • The price is being determined based on type of malfunction and possible ways of data reading. After that, we contact the owner of the device to see if they agree with the price so we can start the recovery process.
  • Upon owner’s approval, process of data recovery and rescue begins, after we have made an agreement about type of device which will be used for copying the recovered data. We usually use external portable USB drive (except in some cases when we are dealing with small amount of data, which can be copied to a DVD media), but we can also use hard drives with PATA or SATA ports.
  • After we are done with data recovery process, which can take us several days, we contact the owner so he can bring the device we will be using for copying the data, or he can choose to take some of devices we are offering.
  • The owner can review the data which is currently stored on our computer and determine if all the date he needs is there.
  • The owner leaves his device and we make an arrangement when he can come to pick up the media. Data copying can last up to few hours, depending on the amount and size of the data.
  • Before taking the device with restored date on, the payment needs to be made or you can pay on delivery.