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Hard disc data recovery
Professional and skilled staff
Memory card data recovery (USB, SD, MC)
Specialized equipment for data recovery
SSD disc data recovery

Data Recovery

We offer data recovery and rescue from all types of hard discs (both “mechanical” or SSDs) and memory cards (Flash & SSD), weather the malfunction is caused by logic, electronic, mechanical or any other factor.

Professional and proper equipment, professional and skilled staff, special software and tools for specialized andmodern approach to data recovery – these are only some of the conditions that guarantee high quality service.

Regular diagnostics of malfunctions is free of charge, no matter if data can be recovered or not.

Keep this in mind!

Even though you’ve been told that your data can not be restored and the media or device is irreparable, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD FORGET ABOUT YOUR DATA!

We suggest you to hear another opinion of our experts, in order to confirm or disprove your doubt and check if the previous information was accurate.

Every unprofessional and unsuccessful attempt to restore the data, and working without proper specialized equipment, tools and software that are specifically designed and manufactured, minimizes the chances of recovery and reduces the probability of data recovery.

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